Five Quotes by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud in 2018

By Lovisha Aggarwal | October 5, 2018  

“If the Court were not to stand by the principles which we have formulated, we may witness a soulful requiem to liberty.”
In the Case: Romila Thapar v. Union of India (2018)
    “The law is not a respecter of social, economic or political status and every litigant who seeks access to justice has to be treated evenly.”
In the Case: Romila Thapar v. Union of India (2018)

“Constitutional statesmanship between the two levels of governance, the Centre and the Union Territory, ought to ensure that practical issues are resolved with a sense of political
maturity and administrative experience.”

In the Case: Govt. (NCT of Delhi) v. Union of India (2018)

“Dispersal of authority is a necessary safeguard to ensure against the perpetuation of power centres. Individuals who administer the game of cricket must realise that the game is perched far above their personal interests. Important as experience in administration is, it is far-fetched to assume —and far more difficult for the court to accept — that experience rests on the shoulders of a closed group of a few individuals. In fact, opportunities to a wide body of talent encourage a dispersal of experience and democratisation of authority.”
In the Case: BCCI v. Cricket Assn. of Bihar (2018)  
“History and contemporary events across the world are a reminder that blackouts of information are used as a willing ally to totalitarian excesses of power. They have no place in a democracy.”
In the Case: Kalpana Mehta v. Union of India (2018)