Condonation of Delay of 78 days

By Lovisha Aggarwal | December 30, 2018

Court: Delhi HC

Judge: Anu Malhotra, J.

Case Name: Subhash Chander Rana v. Jitender Verma (decided on 29-12-2018)

Last Date to file the petition: July 2015

Ground of Condonation: Petitioner suffered from Hyper Tension and being a diabetic also suffered a minor heart attack and had to be treated and thus as his family members had been advised not to discuss anything with the petitioner which may result in further aggravating the situation, he could not contact his counsel. Inter alia, the petitioner submitted that on 1.9.2015 his son was badly beaten up by the neighbours and an FIR was registered against them and due to this reason, he could not contact his counsel earlier and when he did ultimately contact his counsel in the first week of October, 2015, the counsel stated that the time for filing the petition had expired and thus the petitioner filed the present petition after engaging a new counsel.

So in the interest of justice, delay was condoned

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