Important Insights from Judgements

By Lovisha Aggarwal | march 15, 2016

“An inherent aspect of Article 21 of the Constitution would be the freedom of choice in marriage.”

  • P.Sathasivam, C.J. in Gang-Rape Ordered by Village Kangaroo Court in W.B. (2014)

“Disobedience of orders of a court strikes at the very root of the rule of law on which the judicial system rests. Judicial orders are bound to be obeyed at all costs. Howsoever grave the effect may be, is no answer for non-compliance of a judicial order.”

  • J.S. Khehar, J. in Subrata Roy Sahara v. Union of India (2014)

“While the murder is the tragedy, the discovery of the murderer beyond doubt is the judicial function.”

  • V.R. Krishna Iyer, J. Harshadsingh Pahelvansingh Thakore vs. State of Gujarat (1976)

“The interest of Consumer has to be kept in the fore front and the prime consideration that an essential commodity ought to be made available to the common man at a fair price must rank in priority over every other consideration.”

  • Y.V. Chandrachud, J. in Prag Ice & Oil Mills vs. Union of India (1978)

“A woman’s body is not a man’s plaything and he cannot take advantage of it in order to satisfy his lust and desires by fooling a woman into consenting to sexual intercourse simply because he wants to indulge in it.”

  • V. Gopala Gowda, J. in State of U.P vs. Naushad,(2013)

Children are a ‘supremely important national asset’ and the future well beings of the nation depends on how its children grow and develop.”

  • P.N. Bhagwati, J. in Lakshmi Kant Pandey vs. Union of India (1984)