Laudable step by NHRC pursuant to intervention by Vertical Legal

By Lovisha Aggarwal | January 20, 2016

A 17 year old Bihari migrant laborer was killed in a road accident and Punjab Police, under influence of the accused, refused to register the FIR and termed it as natural death. There were severe allegations of selective evidencing and improper investigation by the police. The atrocities continued for 2 long years.

However, deceased’s father was helped by Vertical Legal and due to the efforts of Vertical Legal, first step towards delivery of Justice has finally been taken.

1. The FIR has been registered against the accused and accused has been arrested.
2. NHRC has ordered a case to be filed against the delinquent police officers along with departmental enquiry against them.
3. NHRC criticized the callous attitude of the Punjab Police.
4. Monetary compensation may be granted.

The NHRC issued the following direction: